why us

Why us?


Our Advantages

  • Years of experience – hundreds of registered and sold companies in Latvia;
  • Advanced affiliate network, which consists of professionals with extensive knowledge in law, finance, accounting, investment, and taxation;
  • Our prices are much lower than that offered by the competitors for the same services;
  • Communication in English and Russian;
  • Free consultations, guidance, and advice.

Advantages of Latvian Company

  • Latvian company – is a great alternative to offshore companies;
  • Shareholders' liability is limited to the amount the shareholder has agreed to pay for his or her shares of LLC's (SIA) share capital;
  • Fast registration: from 2 to 4 working days, depending on company form and structure;
  • All the formalities related to company registration can be handled remotely, so there is no need for coming to Latvia;
  • Latvian company can be fully owned by foreign shareholders, both natural persons and legal entities, including offshore companies;
  • Latvian company can be managed by 1 person (director) – Member of the Board;
  • There are no requirements for a local director;
  • Minimum share capital in Latvian LLC is set at 2800 EUR;
  • It is allowed to register LLC with a reduced share capital – starting from 1 EUR.

Tax benefits of Latvian Holding

  • Outgoing dividends paid to any legal entity – 0%
  • Incoming dividends received from a subsidiary – 0%
  • Capital gains on sale of shares – 0%
  • Outgoing interest and royalty paid to any legal entity – 0%
  • Stamp duty on share capital payments – 0%

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Tel: +371 26133646
Tel: +371 28223563
Email: info@unitedagents.eu
Address: 76/78 Matīsa St. Rīga, LV-1009, Latvia

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