Holding company

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Holding company



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The main purpose of a holding company goes beyond just owning shares of other companies and receiving dividends from its subsidiaries. Holding company can be used as a key tool for increasing company's tax efficiency and for more beneficial use of its assets.

Latvian holding company can be used not only to improve treasury management, but also to hold important assets such as intellectual property: trade marks, licenses, and patents.

Tax benefits of Latvian holding: relatively low rate of corporate income tax – 15%, which is not applicable in the following cases*:

      1. Outgoing dividends paid to any legal entity – 0%
      2. Incoming dividends received from a subsidiary – 0%
      3. Capital gains on sale of shares – 0%
      4. Outgoing interest and royalty paid to any legal entity – 0%
      5. Stamp duty on share capital payments – 0%

* The aforementioned exemptions will not apply on interest and royalties paid to entities in tax haven countries. These payments will be subject to 15% tax rate. Please see the list of low taxes and free-taxes zones and territories for taxation purposes approved by the Cabinet of Ministers of Latvia.

Other non-tax advantages of Latvian holding company are listed below. There are no restrictions with regards to:

      1. Selection of Legal Structure – SIA, AS (LLC, JSC)
      2. Special registration as a holding company is not required
      3. Latvian holding company is allowed to carry out commercial activities itself
      4. Amount of shares held of the subsidiaries' share capital
      5. Minimum period of holding subsidiaries' shares
      6. Placement of securities
      7. Providing loans to both subsidiaries and other companies
      8. Purchase and sale of intellectual property: licenses, patents, trade marks
      9. Real estate ownership

Latvia has concluded more than 50 double tax treaties. Please see the full list published by the State Revenue Service.

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