Shelf companies for sale

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Latvian VAT Companies for Sale


Company in Latvia – is a great alternative to offshore companies in the nearest future and in the long term!

As a result of the adoption of the great number of changes in laws and regulations by Latvian government during the past few years, the Latvian holding company has become utterly attractive for the entrepreneurs and investors around the world, who are looking for developing a sustainable business structure and enjoying certain tax optimization options for their businesses.
Holding regime provides an exemption from Corporate Income Tax on dividends and capital gains, as well as relieves withholding tax on dividends paid to corporate shareholders. In other words, instead of paying 15 % personal income tax on capital gains after selling the asset, owner can pay 10 % as Corporate Income Tax, while receiving dividends.

How to benefit from Latvian company within your business structure?

  • Holding structure creation – shares ownership of the other company within the group;
  • 3 sea ports – free economic zone;
  • The company is dealing with clients and suppliers from the EU, the USA, and Eastern Asia;
  • Opportunity to conduct business on behalf of the company registered in the EU, but at the lower costs;
  • Ability to hide the UBO;
  • Easy ways to control and manage a company.

What services does Latvian shelf company include?

  • Paid equity capital - from EUR 1 to EUR 2 800 (depends on your choice);
  • Acknowledged EU VAT number;
  • With or without any previous commercial activity (depends on your choice);
  • Set of registration documents of the company: Registration Certificate, Articles of Association, Amendments to the Board of directors, and Confirmation of the shares transfer to the new shareholder.

What do we offer?

  • Preliminary consultation on the effectiveness of your business structure;
  • Preparation of the full document package for the company purchase;
  • Submission of the documents to the State Registry on your behalf;
  • Possibility of purchasing the company remotely (without Client's arrival to Latvia);
  • Obtaining new documents of the company on behalf of the new shareholder;
  • Apostille;
  • Preparation of CoGS and its translation;
  • Translation and notarization of the company registration documents.

Information required from Client and time scales:

  • New company name (required for prompt inspection);
  • New registered address of the company (it will be our pleasure to offer one of ours);
  • If shareholders are natural persons: a copy of passport, utility bill and contact information are required;
  • If shareholders are legal persons: translated and notarized copy of the registration certificate and CoGS are required, or any other equal documents confirming the existence of the company and the credetails of its officials;
  • To propose an effective business structure we require an overall description of the company's planned commercial activity;
  • If client possesses time to visit Latvia personally, the entire process of the company purchase will require one business day (the original documents of the company will be available in just 5 working days);
  • If client needs to purchase a company remotely, the entire process will take from 2 to 4 weeks.

With regards to our company experience, we recommend our clients to provide us complete and true information on the above items in a timely manner to avoid unexpected expenses and loss of your and our time.

For more information on prices for VAT companies, please follow the link.

VAT Companies for Sale in Estonia and Lithuania:

  • VAT companies with or without any previous commercial activity;
  • Equity capital of the company is fully paid;
  • Acknowledged EU VAT number;
  • Company registered as micro tax paying entity (depends on your choice).

We offer full range of services related to VAT company purchase in Estonia and Lithuania, providing high service level and expertise:

  • Preparation of the full document package for the company purchase;
  • Submission of the documents to the State Registry on your behalf;
  • Preparation of sales/purchase agreement;
  • Provision of company registered address;
  • Maintenance of accounting and bookkeeping processes;
  • Assistance with opening bank account.

For more information on prices for Estonian and Lithuanian VAT companies, please follow the link.

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